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At All Seasons, we love trees, but sometimes they need to be removed or trimmed.  Here is a list of reasons our customers have given us over the years for wanting trees removed or trimmed.
Reasons to REMOVE or TRIM a Tree
(1)The Tree is Dangerous:
 (A) The Tree is a fire or safety hazard.
(B) The Tree’s structural integrity has been undermined.
(C) The Tree is unstable, leaning, has fallen, or is ready to fall.
(D) The Tree has limbs that are broken and ready to fall.
(E) The Tree’s limbs are impeding walkways.

(2)The Tree’s Physical Condition is not good:
 (A) The Tree is dead or dying or has dead or dying branches.
(B) The Tree is infected or diseased.
(C) The Tree is showing signs of rot.
(D) The Tree is damaged or aesthetically unpleasing.

(3)The Tree is a Threat to Other Trees or Structures:
 (A) Tree limbs are damaging the homeowner’s roof.
(B) The homeowner’s insurance company is threatening to cancel the insurance
      if the Tree limbs hanging over the roof are not removed immediately.
(C) The Tree’s roots are damaging plumbing pipes.
(D) The Tree is preventing the grass from growing.
(E) The Tree is competing for light so the remaining Trees can’t thrive.
(F) The Tree is overgrown and crowding other trees.

(4)Preemptive or Construction Measures are Necessary:
 (A) Removing the Tree will prevent danger from storms.
(B) Tree removal is needed for new construction.
(C) The Tree limbs are obstructing the view.


All tree removal jobs are dangerous!!! Even small trees can weigh hundreds of pounds.  Tree removal is NOT a DIY project.  Unless you are highly trained, experienced, and have the proper equipment, NEVER try to remove a tree yourself.

Inexpert attempts to remove trees can not only cause property damage, but can also result in severe injury and even death.  Don’t put yourself and your family at risk.

If you need one or more trees removed or trimmed safely and efficiently, please call an All Seasons professional today at (512) 753-9071.
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